Hard cash needs no criminal disposal avenue, being portable, immediately useable and more often than not, impossible to identify. Thus it constitutes perhaps the most logical target for professional and hard core criminals. Laxity in arrangements for transportation of Cash, Bullion and Valuables, can permit a sudden violent raid, which can result in loss of life and consignment, possible injury, major risk to the Company Employees and certainly a long-lasting violent crimes, has persuaded PSS to carry out the corporate mission of providing a high standard and professional CIT (Cash-in-transit) services to the Nepalese Market. The objective of CIT services is to provide to the client, a service that is meticulously planned and cost effective. The goals of CIT crew, who are well trained, motivated and highly dedicated towards their work is to safe guard and deliver to the client, what belongs to the client, without loss to life and consignment in required time by the client.

Types of Services

1. Collection and delivery of Cash for Banking Institutions.

2.Safe and secure transit of Cash and Valuables within and outside the valley.